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State of the Heidi – December 2012

2012 recap …

I spent quite a few hours filling out a large posterboard with what I did in 2012. Because in my head, after the day job let me go at the end of May, to November, it was blank. And it shouldn’t have been because I did do stuff, I’m just not good at remembering what it was if there isn’t a tangible result, and for a lot of the things I do, there isn’t.

So here goes, what I did with my 2012 in no conscious order …james a owen original art

  • had a day job
  • no longer had a day job
  • maintained 3 Facebook Pages (2 very well, 1 moderately well)
  • redid my website from scratch
  • wrote over 1k in less than 1 hour
  • prototyped an activity book
  • attended FenCon and FenCon Writer’s Workshop
  • got update from agent re: novel query
  • short story published in an anthology
  • deepened existing friendships
  • developed & released the Bud the Bunny iPad app>>
  • officially named an Apprentice
  • attended ConDFW

bud the bunny Activity Book Paper Trail

  • edited 6 fan music videos>>
  • updated book series website
  • went to Hunger Games movie premier with 2 NYT best-selling authors
  • created prototype novel poster
  • attended Phoenix Comic Con
  • rewrote the Demibooks Composer User Guide
  • read 21 books, 2 of which hadn’t been published yet
  • visited parents for 4 weeks
  • helped the Austin Browncoats with their con booth
  • moved the drafting table from the garage into Room 3b
  • developed and released the first¬†the Bud the Bunny Activity Book>>

Howard Chaykin original art

  • wrote 30k on a new novel
  • stayed healthy
  • received royalty checks for short story
  • developed script for ABZZ iPad app
  • attended a David Farland writing workshop
  • developed 4 tutorial videos to be released at Folio Academy in early January 2013
  • revised a prototype website
  • folded 200 of 1000 cranes
  • developed an iPad app as contract work
  • gained new friends
  • drew original art for ABZZ iPad app
  • developed 10 video tutorials for contract work
  • did a presentation of Creating an Interactive iPad Book App at FenCon

British Columbia butterflyBritish Columbia butterfly

  • developed templates for quote pics
  • stopped having headaches
  • exchanged letters with an amazing artist
  • won a contest put on by one of my favorite bands
  • maintained preferred weight
  • went to Australia for over 2 weeks
  • added 5 pieces to original art collection

I’ve got a one sheet for 2013 that I keep on the bathroom mirror so I see it everyday.

It has things I will make happen and things I hope to happen, and I’ll end up adding stuff along the way that I have no idea about until it happens.

Because that’s how my life is. And I love it.


“Significance is a choice.”¬† – James A. Owen


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