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Shadow Bunnies At Play

shadow bunnies at play heidi2524 atcGood thing I had my camera with me while hiking this afternoon. These little guys are extremely difficult to get a picture of.


  1. It was several years ago, but it seems like it was just yesterday. I was gallivanting through the woods here on the ranch. I heard some faint chanting, so I quietly walked toward it. When I peered from around the Post Oak I saw an entire congregation of shadow bunnies. They were humming some sort of ancient tune. When I levelled my camera to snap a quick photo, a sudden jolt knocked me sideways. It was a shadow jack rabbit! So, I agree with your words “extremely difficult!”

    • Wow – so cool you got that close! I’m glad the shadow jack didn’t come after me – that would be so freaky! Thanks for sharing!

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