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original tree

My Non-traditional Christmas Tree

It had to be done.

Since my parents don’t put up a Christmas tree at their place, I have all of the ornaments. Each year I buy a tree and decorate with a mix of crocheted bells and wreaths, wooden advent calendar ornaments from when I grew up, and some store-bought ornaments I’ve collected over the years.

But not this year.

Boyfriend and I were walking the rows of trees for sale, turned into a new row, and the second tree on the left obviously had a destiny. This is the unadorned tree in my bedroom.

original tree


This is the tree after the few hours it took me to reveal its true nature as a Totoro>> Christmas tree.

Totoro Xmas Tree


Should you wish to do something similar, I recommend taping pipe cleaners to the backs of your details as a means to affix them to the branches (image below is the back of one of Totoro’s eyes).

pipe cleaner backs


    • Yes, that is a little plush blue Totoro with sack. Wish I had a soot sprite and little white Totoro as well, but alas I do not. Thanks for the comment!

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