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bud the bunny icon heidi2524Bud the Bunny

Bud the Bunny was a children’s book I wrote in 2006. In 2012, I used Demibooks Composer>> to create an iPad app of that book. The Bud the Bunny app with the original illustrators is available in is available in Demibooks Storytime and is read by Clare Kramer>> (Buffy the vampire Slayer, Bring It On, GeekNation).

Bud the Bunny now has wonderful new illustrations by Eisner nominated Travis Hanson>> and is available in print at Amazon>>. You can see a preview of Bud’s new look at his website:>>.


123 By The Sea iPad App123 By The Sea iPad App1, 2, 3 … By the Sea

1, 2, 3 … By the Sea is a counting children’s book published by Kane Miller Books, written by Dianne Moritz, illustrated by Hazel Mitchell, and developed into an iPad app by yours truly (I have credit on the Credits page and everything!). Demibooks has a great press release>> about it and the iPad app is available in Demibooks Storytime.

Folio Academy linkFolio Academy

My video tutorial on how to Develop A Children’s Book iPad App  has been removed because the updates to the Demibooks software have changed enough of the interface and behaviors that there are better ways to do things than what I demonstrated.

Folio Academy has a lot of other great tutorials you may find useful by such artists and illustrators as Will Terry>> and Dani Jones>> and I was very happy to be in their company.


Presentation Notes – If you have a general interest in developing an iPad app, I put up my notes as a PDF from a presentation I gave at FenCon. A bit rough, but some important stuff I believe you should know before you begin your app development adventure.