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heidi Berthiaume heidi2524heidi2524 is the online alias I use because I don’t want to people to have to spell my last name correctly to find this website. 2524 is the number of my first house. I bought it when I was 28 years old thanks to personal savings and help from my parents. I am thankful I live in a country where such a thing is possible.

Somewhat geeky, a little bit techie, creative and imaginative, my personal mission statement is Be Creative. Have Fun. Help Someone. and I try to live up to that every day.

I am a Browncoat>> and will be until the day I return to the black. I am also a Grifter>> , a Librarian in Training, and whatever a fan of Burn Notice>> and Stargate>> and White Collar>> is called. My Doctor is the Eleventh Doctor. My inner steampunk was awakened by the music of Abney Park>>. Otaku has a somewhat more socially acceptable connotation in the US than in Japan; regardless, I love watching anime>>/Japanese animation – subs over dubs forever.

My love language is gifts, which is the root of all my stuff. Gifts I have received or the parts I used to make gifts to give.

I have over a decade and a half of professional experience and self-based learning of how to organize and present information, including multimedia programming, information architecture, usability testing, quality assurance, video editing, and corporate & technical writing.

My degree is in communications, with a minor in film editing which is why I make fan music videos>>.

I spent *a lot* of time on a computer and sometimes want to do a real world art/craft thing which usually takes the form of an Artist Trading Card (ATC).

I am an introvert. This means I’m more comfortable one on one than one to many. Unless there is a convention/dealer’s table between me and the masses. In which case it’s still one to one as I tell you about the Austin Browncoats>> and help you spend your cashy money for a great non-profit cause. You get a replica of Mal’s gun, kids get books – it’s a win-win situation.

One of my stories, Bud the Bunny>>, the first in a series of children’s picture books illustrated by the Eisner nominated Travis Hanson>>.

I believe Kids Need To Read>>.

I know James A. Owen>> is an awesome individual and consider myself infinitely blessed to call him a friend. James’ Drawing Out The Dragons>> is one of two books I think everyone should read. Steven Pressfield’s War of Art>> is the second.

And I hang out on Facebook.

Keep flying,